PMP® Course Reviews & Testimonials

I would just like to take a minute and provide my highest recommendation to Bill Baxter, PMP and his Project Road Training Course. Bill has taken the time to put together an outstanding training program, that if followed, will guide you to success on either the PMP or CAPM Exams. I should know, I recently passed my CAPM Exam with Above Target scores in every domain. The interactive ITTO Drag and Drop exercises that Bill created were a huge help. Bill also provides a weekly online study session and various tips and tricks to help students pass these exams. The content of Bill’s study material is both easy to understand and relevant to the exam. Bill’s passion for teaching and his desire to see his students succeed on these exams is what makes him one of the best teachers I have had in a very long time. If you or anyone you know is looking to pass either the PMP or CAPM exam, then reach out to Bill Baxter, PMP and see what he can do for you. You will not regret it.
— Danny Martin, CAPM, Deputy Sheriff at New Hanover County Sheriff's Office
I learned about Bill from the PMI website. He was the one to encourage me to apply for and prepare for PMP certification. Bill has been an excellent mentor. He guided me through every step. I completed his e-learning course as well as attended some of his group sessions. His exam preparation material made navigating through the PMBOK guide very easy and much more interesting. I am a big fan of his ITTO drag and drop exercises. They were a fun and highly effective way of remembering all the ITTOs. Also the 2 page brain dump was extremely useful during the 4 hour PMP exam. In addition to the PMBOK guide, he referred me to the Crosswind learning book. It was an amazing source for extra practice of questions as well full exam simulations. Bill, I can not thank you enough for always being there to mentor me, encourage me and push me till the end finally leading me into the successful passing of the PMP 6th edition exam.
— Rashi Talwar, Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Argonne National Laboratory
I recently passed my PMP ed 6 exam thanks wholly to Bill. Bill is an exceptional instructor; he knows the material and knows how to teach it. He has an excellent technique and his method works! Bill has a well structured approach to PMP exam prep and he provides you the tools to enable success.
Bill is also a fantastic mentor and very generous with his time; he is passionate about project management, teaching, and about your success.
FOR VETERANS: Bill offers one-on-one mentorship via Veterati; I strongly recommend you look him up and take advantage of his time and wealth of knowledge. Bill also offers a very generous discount to veterans to his PMP prep course and I cannot overemphasize how valuable that is. The material is top notch (much better than the very expensive boot camp I paid for from a different source) and Bill is the single reason why I passed the PMP certification exam.
Thank you, Bill for your instruction, advice, and time!!!
— JONATHAN KIM, Col, USAF Commander, HQ USAF Operations Group
I recently passed my PMP exam the first time—thanks to Bill Baxter and the team at Project-Road Training. Bill is a brilliant instructor who knows the PMBOK and knows how to teach it. His techniques, teaching style, and delivery method really helped me in putting it all together! His knowledge area lessons/videos are easy to understand commentary and each lesson culminates with practical application that really enforces everything you need to know for exam day.

The “Inputs, Tools, Techniques, Outputs (ITTO) exercises” are unique, and a crucial link in the chain to understanding the PMBOK guide. Bill’s ITTO exercises are innovative, interactive, and the single most important tool I utilized in my preparation to master the PMP exam on the first try. Similarly, his lesson plans covering the countless PMP formulas is unparalleled. I sought many different forums, experts, and on-line video tutorials in order to try get a grip on PMP formulas; but it was Bill’s lessons that filled the gaps in a simple and easy to understand format—a huge benefit to me during the exam.

Bill was and continues to be a personal and professional mentor who is certainly not selfish with his time; he even took the time to call me and discuss lessons with me over the Thanksgiving Day break—above-and-beyond what was expected!

FOR VETERANS: Bill offers an unmatched discount to veterans to his PMP prep course and that you cannot find anywhere else in the PMP preparation world of on-line training.

Thank you Bill for giving me the tools and confidence I needed to pass the PMP exam on the first try!
— MARK FOSTER, Master Sergeant, USAF JTAC Program Manager, HQ USAF Special Warfare
When I was transitioning from the Army, I found that the VCTP Skillport for PMP was painfully time consuming and extremely difficult to retain and comprehend. A friend suggested Bill Baxter’s Project Road Training for additional study material. It’s difficult for me to articulate how awesome Bill’s material truly is. It was like a cold glass of fresh water after spending days in the blistering sun. Everything in this course will absolutely help you pass. Not only is it a great price but it’s given in a way that’s interesting, easy to remember and succinct. Bill pays attention to the details, giving that extra explanation and perspective to help you understand the principles behind being a project manager. As an added bonus, this course counts as the required 35 hours you need to qualify for the exam! What do you have to lose?
— Nick Simila, CW2 (R) US Army, PMP, CSP, SMS
I met Bill in September 2016 as a student of his Project Management Professional course, at Naval Service Training Command at Naval Station Great Lakes. He prepares the students for success with a teaching style that engages the students in discussion during his classes and weekly study sessions. Additionally, by following his daily course of self study students will be prepared for success on the 200 question PMP certification exam. I would not have passed the exam without his mentorship and guidance.
— Matthew Laing, Command Master Chief, US Navy
Bill Baxter’s approach to learning PMP concepts are second to none. His approach and custom content boils down what can be overwhelming in the PMBOK into straightforward, memorable, learning material easy to comprehend. Bill’s teaching and delivery methods target a comprehensive understanding of PMP knowledge areas, processes, and ITTOs which delivers a deep understanding of how to apply these principles to everyday work experiences (as opposed to rote memorization). These concepts will be impactful in our business-related projects, enabling more effective and judicious use of our resources and successful project outcomes.
— Mark Gecsey, VP Operations Management
I highly recommend Bill Baxter’s Project Road Training program! He breaks down the material in an easy to understand format and helps you focus on what is truly important. Even throughout my studies, I began to leverage what I was learning in my day to day routine. Not only is Bill a fantastic teacher, he also provides support every step of the way.
— Nicole Bono, PMP, Director, Project Management
It is my distinct pleasure to provide my recommendation for Bill Baxter’s Project Road training. He deserves my highest praise both as a professional and as a person. Although other training methods focus merely on what to study, more importantly, Bill shows you how to study to succeed on the exam. His study groups are interactive, fun and keep you accountable so you stay on track. His online lectures get to the point and his exam style questions will give you tough, realistic training to prepare you. What I admire most about Bill’s teaching is that he conveys the PMBOK in a way that’s easy to understand and relates to the real world. Bill is very responsive to any questions you may have and takes a genuine interest in his students’ success. He will go the extra mile for you. I recommend him to you with the utmost enthusiasm.
— Keith Lewandowski, Captain, USMC Veteran
I recently retired from the Marine Corps after 21 years. I decided to pursue the PMP certification in order to become more competitive moving into the private sector. I passed the exam on my first attempt. To help prepare me, I enrolled in Bill’s Project Road Training eLearning course after having already been studying for several months using a variety of other training aids. Bill’s course was by far the most effective and the one that best set me up for success. His six-tier training approach and “secret sauce” diagrams are without a doubt a true recipe for success. He provides ample practice questions that accurately reflect PMP style questions, and his weekly in person study groups reinforce the material in the course and were a great opportunity for personalized coaching from a true expert and mentor who genuinely cares about his students. I highly recommend the Project Road Training eLearning Course to anyone considering taking the PMP certification exam.
— MSgt (Ret.) Kyle Marshall, USMC
Bill Baxter has been instrumental during my PMP journey. I learned about Bill Baxter’s PMP Prep Training in a PMI Chicago Chapter dinner. I am very fortunate and grateful that we crossed paths. His dedication and passion for project management had a tremendous impact during my PMP studies, helping me reach the finish line. In addition, his learning material gave me the right ammunition during my job interviews making me feel much more confident. I was able to apply this knowledge during my job hunting, on the job itself and finally succeeding on the Project Management Professional test. Thank you Bill!
— Antuanet Sanchez, PMP
Bill’s support, coaching and classroom teachings supported with his created materials (flows of particular items like Change Requests, Deliverables, Project Management and Subsidiary Plans and drag & drop ITTO exercises) were extremely helpful in my studies and passing the PMP.

Bill has 3 study/classroom sessions a week. In person in Chicago and Arlington Heights and a remote hangout session for those people who aren’t in the Chicago area.

Be sure to get connected to the eLearning materials on Project Road Training by Bill Baxter. Out of all of the research I did, I found that this method worked best for me. This group played a huge role in my passing the PMP. Thanks Bill!
— Amy Sutherland, PMP
I attended Bill’s PMP Bootcamp training course in Chicago, IL in July 2015. There was A LOT of information covered and it was several months before I actually took the exam (February 2016), but the foundation established in that training definitely facilitated my success. Bill was deliberate about the content and provided helpful study tips. His material included a study plan which I followed, I attended the weekly study groups and followed his suggestion to get the supplemental Study Guide and used it with a study partner. I know several people who did not pass the exam the first time around, but I did! I memorized the process matrix as well as suggested formula’s on the ‘Brain Dump’ which served as support during test taking fatigue. My results were favorable and I am utterly grateful to Bill for all of his help and guidance during the process.
— Kristen Bridge, PMP
Bill Baxter places you on the right road, Project Road, to earn your Project Management Professional (PMP) certification through the Project Management Institute. Following Project Road, I passed the PMP exam on my first attempt. Bill tells you what to study, how to study, when to study, which are the keys to any successful program. His program incorporates unique tools that instill in you, the knowledge necessary to provide the best answer for the many different scenarios given on the PMP exam. If you want your PMP certification, take Project Road.
— Richard J. Hazdra, Col (R) USAF
I approached Bill Baxter to join his on-line PMP study group. Not only did Bill lead study group sessions, but I gained access to his e-Learning course that contained remarkable training materials. There are various easy to use tools. The ITTO exercises, whiteboard presentations and practice questions were the most beneficial for me. The subject matter was presented in a uniform way throughout that made the knowledge areas and processes easy to understand. I was able to study when it was convenient for me. The e-Learning course helped to bridge the gaps in my knowledge. With Bill’s help and the training materials, I passed the PMP exam and gained my certificate!
— Tracy Haske, PMP
I was a member of a PMP study group that Bill leads. I recently passed my PMP certification exam on the first try and I can say without hesitation that it was due in large part to what I learned at Bill’s study group. He has abstracted out some of the essential knowledge in the PMBOK in a unique way that really clarifies and illuminates the core concepts and relationships. One of the challenges of taking the exam is not becoming distracted by professional experience that may be at variance with the official point of view necessary to pass the test. Bill does a great job of helping you to think like someone who wrote the PMBOK. He is a fun person to learn from and a wonderful teacher. I am delighted to see that he is pursuing his passion to help others earn this difficult certification. I know that countless others will benefit from his program.
— Jay Walusek, PMP

Many thanks for the time and effort you put into the study sessions. The study group was a great asset in helping to zero-in on what was required to do well on the exam and helping pull together the resources to make that happen.

Suggestions and drilling for the brain dump were great. The “crazy queen” lives!

I also was greatly helped by your approach and focus on the ITTOs.

Your diagrams made studying more focused and made the PMBOK® Guide make more sense. By grouping the chapters and providing a visual aid, study time was reduced and comprehension better.

Thanks, could not have done it without you
— Phil F., PMP
Hi Bill....

I finally made the decision to buckle down and study to pass the PMP, just weeks (nearly a month) before it was scheduled. As I read the PMBOK® Guide (as much as I could stand it) and studied the ITTOs, I created flash cards and used your data flow charts to understand the relationship and flow between the processes. Many outputs were inputs into other processes and it was important to understand how they were interconnected throughout the 42 process chart.

And, as you strongly advised, I started to take the Crosswinds practice exams, which reinforced my knowledge. The first few times, I scored 55%, 65% and just the Sunday night before I was scheduled to take the exam, I scored 84%! At that point, I knew I was ready for the exam.

You also helped me finally get the grasp of Cost Management and Earned Value by using analogies I could relate to, such as the baking examples. For the exam, it was very important to have a situational understanding of the material — you can NOT get by on memorization alone.

As I mentioned previously in our phone conversation a few weeks ago, you were indeed instrumental in helping me pass the PMP. If you had not encouraged me to take the extra step and push towards the “Real Deal” (PMP vs CAPM®), I would have cowered-out and settled for less. You were there from the start as you helped me outline my project experience for that grueling 8+ hour application process and in the end, when I needed that final push to score higher on the practice exams.

When undergoing this process, it is important to not only have resources for understanding the exam material, but to have a support system to deal with the stress of preparing for such an ordeal as the PMP. You were that mentor who helped me put together a realistic study plan and set goals which eventually lead to exam success. Thank you so much for your patience and support.
— Adrienne, PMP