There is a ton of stuff on the web related to PMP® exam preparation...
There are 'free' practice questions of dubious authority
There is a vast sea of the blind leading the blind, and 'experts' with hidden agendas
One can spill a lot of cycles browsing through all this...
I see earnest PMP candidates slipping down this path all the time.  Sometimes it amounts to avoidance behavior.

Our goal at Project-Road Training, LLC is to point you in the right direction, and help you conserve cycles -- focusing your efforts in the most efficient way possible to prepare for the exam.

Here is what we have to offer, to help you succeed:

1. Our eBook:

PMP® Exam Prep

Provides the high-level guidance you need to focus on the right material and stay on track.  Read it carefully.  It is not long.

2. Study Strategy: Guidance through a Series of Videos

There is much to study to prepare for the PMP Exam.  We provide a strategic framework to guide your effort. 

You will find this guidance in a series of short videos here.

3. How to get the required 35 hours of PMP® training

We teach a 5-day PMP exam prep classroom course.  This is a great class. We love teaching it, and our students find it very helpful.  The face-to-face interactions within the classroom are a valuable part of the learning experience.

Often, the logistics and expense of getting everyone in one place for a classroom course are just too difficult and expensive.  In this case, our eLearning course is an excellent and cost-effective alternative.

Under "Courses" you will find our self-paced eLearning course, and our classroom course.

4. Study Guide We Recommend:

Crosswind's “PMP® Exam Success Series: Bootcamp Manual” 
(Version 6.0 -- aligned with Sixth Edition PMBOK® Guide)
available at

This study guide is an integral component of our recommended study strategy for wresting the PMBOK® Guide under control.

We have examined all of the leading study guides, and consider Crosswinds the best.  In particular, we consider it far, far better than the market leader that many people tend to recommend!

5. Our Virtual Study Group

For customers of our eLearning course, we offer an online study group, where we cover a different topic each week.

This is coordinated within our Student Portal.

6. In-Person Study Groups

Chicago PMP Study Group

Antuanet conducts in-person study group sessions in the Chicagoland area, as described in this Brochure

They are organized through this Meetup Group

San Diego PMP Study Group

Beginning September 7, 2019 Bill will conduct study group sessions in San Diego, through this Meetup Group which is described in this Brochure