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A Short Video About Our PMP Exam Prep Training Approach

We are true experts at teaching PMP Exam Prep.

The Challenge

Doing a little research on the Internet you observe a vast ocean of chatter, where the blind are leading the blind.

There is no ‘Easy Button’ — you are about to step onto a road for a three month march, and you want to make sure that march is no steeper than it needs to be, and leads to success.

Who’s guidance you choose to follow, and how smart and consistently you work, will determine the outcome of that march.


Why Project Road Training, LLC is the right guide

With us you get:

  • Compelling course materials

  • Honest guidance

  • A proven known quantity in your instructor -- Bill Baxter

Too often students see just the opposite:  tedious course materials, fanciful statistics of exam pass rates, and an unspecified instructor.  Does that sound like a good use of your valuable time?


What makes our course materials so compelling?

We've devised a unique way to visualize the inputs, tools & techniques, and outputs (ITTOs) of the various processes within each knowledge area.  This visual perspective helps with comprehension and retention. We get great reviews from our students.


Next Steps

Our e-Learning course is our most popular option, due to the convenience and affordable price.  We’ve constructed it to replicate our classroom experience as closely as possible.  It will provide you with a solid foundation, guidance and on-going support to assist you in the long march along the road to PMP certification exam success.

Not quite ready to buy?

That's cool... we invite you to browse through the rest of our website and get a better feel for us and our course materials.  Then, when you are ready, come on back here and step onto the road to PMP certification exam success!

Have questions? Reach out to us.


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