PMP Certification:  Looking For Help?  You've Come To The Right Place!


We are true experts at teaching PMP Exam Prep.

The four hour exam is difficult.

Your project management experience alone will not carry you through.

You naturally feel unsure about how to prepare and how much effort and time will be required.

Doing a little research on the Internet you observe a vast ocean of chatter, where the blind are leading the blind.

You are about to step onto a road for a three month march, and you want to make sure that march leads to a successful completion of the mission… and is no longer or steeper than it needs to be.

Who you listen to, who you trust, who’s guidance you choose to follow, and how hard, smart and consistently you work, will determine the outcome of that march, and how efficient it is.

Before you start off on this march, be sure the objective is important enough to you.  Be sure you really want that PMP certification.  Be sure you meet the qualifications to sit for the exam.  Be sure you are willing to do what you need to do to maintain the certification, once you obtain it.  Be sure this is the right time.


Now, if you are ready for that march...

Let’s talk about why Project Road Training, LLC is the right guide to lead you down the road to a successful PMP exam.

With us you get:

  • Compelling course materials

  • Honest guidance

  • A proven known quantity as your instructor -- Bill Baxter himself

With too many of our competitors you get just the opposite:  tedious course materials, ridiculous statistics of exam pass rates -- with no reference to the effort that will be required on your part, and an unspecified instructor.  Does that sound like a proven path to success and a good use of your valuable time?


What makes our course materials so compelling?

We've devised a unique way to visualize the inputs, tools & techniques, and outputs (ITTOs) of the various processes within each knowledge area, and even some select slices across knowledge areas.  This visual perspective enables much better comprehension and retention.  We leverage these visual representations throughout our course lectures and in some of our supporting resources, such as our "ITTO Drag & Drop Exercises".  By focusing on just the more fundamental ITTOs we are able to strip out the noise and information overload, helping with comprehension and retention.  Our summary-level ITTO diagrams are part of what we call our 'Secret Sauce Diagrams', and they are available as a downloadable PDF file that you can print out in color and carry around with you for review.  They can help you gain a deeper understanding for PMI's framework for project management.  You can refer to them as you do your selective deep reading of The PMBOK® Guide, to help you stay awake and in control during that effort.


Now... here comes the pitch

So that is the story of Project Road Training, LLC and we hope you will go forward with our course.  Our e-Learning course is our most popular option, due to the convenience and affordable price.  We’ve constructed it to replicate our classroom experience as closely as possible.  It will provide you with a solid foundation, guidance and on-going support to assist you in the long march along the road to PMP exam success.

Not quite ready to buy?

That's cool... we invite you to browse through the rest of our website and get a better feel for us and our course materials.  Then, when you are ready, come on back here and step onto the road to PMP exam success!


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