Privacy Policy for Project Road Training, LLC

Last Revised June 2, 2018


We collect personal information on customers and prospective customers as we sell Project Management Training services and course materials, and in some cases as we make available samples of our training material.  Personal information we gather is used to service our customers, and as described further below.

We will never sell or give your information to third parties, other than in the support of transactions through our external service providers described below.  The only exception is if we reasonably believe that we are legally required to do so in some special situation.

We use several external services — in particular Gauge / which hosts our eLearning course materials.  Their privacy policy is posted on their website.  We use Cisco WebEx service and Meetup Group for remote and in-person study group sessions respectively, and they each have their privacy policies posted on their websites.

Our website is hosted by Squarespace and they have their privacy policy posted on their website.

Any credit card transactions done through our website are handled by clearing services supported on the Squarespace platform.  Any credit card purchases for eLearning courses made through the Gauge / platform are handled by clearing services supported by their website.  Any credit card transactions done through the PMI Chicagoland Chapter for classroom courses are handed by clearing services used by them and their platform.  Any credit card transactions that are made directly to us by phone are then processed through a clearing service used by our bank.  No credit card information is ever retained directly by us, in any form, under any circumstance.  Conscientious effort is made to ensure that we only use partners who are capable of also maintaining the confidentiality of personal data.

Personal data is maintained on file to keep track of our customers and to monitor their progress in using our course materials, and certification exam outcomes.  Follow-up with some customers may be done in the course of maintaining relationships and possibly also for business development purposes.  Conscientious effort is made to ensure this personal data is kept backed-up and secure.

We will respect “the right to be forgotten”.  Upon request we will review our files and provide what, if any, data we have on an individual, upon verification that the requestor is indeed that individual.  We will also delete or revise that data upon request.  We reserve the right to charge a reasonable handling fee for such requests.  

This privacy policy may be revised from time to time.  Use of our website and purchases of our services and products shall imply acceptance of this privacy policy.  You are encouraged to check back often to stay aware of any changes to our privacy policy, which will be reflected here.  If you have questions or concerns about our privacy policy you may direct them to:

Bill Baxter at