The Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification is a valuable and globally recognized credential for project managers, awarded by the Project Management Institute (PMI)®


PMP® Exam Prep - 6th edition

(Course Modules available a la carte)

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Price is just $16 per module, except as noted below

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List of modules available a la carte:

  • Integration Management (Includes a deep dive into NPV calculations)

  • Scope Management (Includes a deep dive into 'Agile' project management practices)

  • Schedule Management (Includes a deep dive into schedule network diagrams)

  • Cost Management (Includes a deep, deep dive into earned value management) Price: $32

  • Quality Management

  • Resource Management (Includes a deep dive into select management theories)

  • Communications Management

  • Risk Management

  • Procurement Management (Includes a deep dive into PTA -- Point of Total Assumption)

  • Stakeholder Management (Includes a deep dive into the PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct)

  • PMI Application to take PMP exam (Detailed Guidance) Price: Free

Great value

Each topic module includes relevant 'Secret Sauce Diagrams' in a downloadable PDF file, and access to our password-protected student portal.  Within the portal you will find our ITTO Drag & Drop exercises; our recommended flashcards; and the connection details for  our weekly live remote study group sessions!


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Looking for study guidance?  Our free eBook is a concise primer and study guide.  Please see below.


PMP® Exam Prep - 6th edition

(What it really takes to prepare and pass)

Our e-Book will provide high-level guidance on how to go about preparing for the PMP exam.

It is available as a free download.

It is a concise, easy read... you will find it valuable guidance.

There is also a version for the CAPM.

Practice Tests:

Looking for FREE practice test for the PMP 6th edition?  We offer one here

Actually, we have grave concerns over the frequently heard recommendation to 'do lots of practice tests'.  Early in your study cycle, this is especially bad advice.  Tests are only good for assessment -- to assess if you are ready to pass the exam.  Practice questions are valuable for learning -- if they are well-designed.  It takes a lot of knowledge, skill and care to craft really good practice questions that provide valuable chunks of learning opportunity. 

Rummaging around on the Internet for free practice tests is a really bad strategy, and something we see people doing far too often.  You want to use authoritative sources for your study materials.  Fixating on free resources from opaque sources is not a reliable path to exam success!  Consider carefully the value of your time and energy.  Life is good... but life is short.

To further understand our view, watch this video.