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After you press 'Buy Now' button, you will be taken to the test.com platform where our eLearning courses are hosted.

You will establish an account, and then click on a red icon 'Take a Test' 

The process is not as intuitive as I would like, so I've created a short video to demonstrate the click path more clearly, and to provide instructions on how to re-enter the course again in the future.

Summary of our course curriculum:

  • Integration Management (Includes a deep dive into NPV calculations)
  • Scope Management (Includes a deep dive into 'Agile' project management practices)
  • Schedule Management (Includes a deep dive into schedule network diagrams)
  • Cost Management (Includes a deep, deep dive into earned value management)
  • Quality Management
  • Resource Management (Includes a deep dive into select management theories)
  • Communications Management
  • Risk Management
  • Procurement Management (Includes a deep dive into PTA -- Point of Total Assumption)
  • Stakeholder Management (Includes a deep dive into the PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct)
  • PMP Exam Application -- Completion Primer
  • Exam -- must pass in order to get certificate of completion (may be re-taken if needed)

It can be hard to find a good PMP®️ course. 

Self-study complemented with an eLearning course is a viable course of action.  The challenge is in finding a good course -- one that makes the material in The PMBOK® Guide come to life and make sense and strike you as compelling and relevant to your work.  That is hard to do, and we've managed to do it.  Let's face it:  The PMBOK® Guide is not exactly a casual light read.  

Our PMP 6th edition eLearning course replicates the experience of our classroom course as closely as possible.  We’ve taken the time to include material that is not covered in The PMBOK® Guide, but which can be expected on the PMP exam.  We've done significant research study to support our treatment of select management theories, quality concepts and procurement concepts.  This 'additional material' is also valuable from a practical applications perspective.  Working through our course, you will feel lightbulbs lighting-up over and over as we strike cords of relevance to your actual project management work environment.  With our course, it is not just about getting the PMP certification, it is about becoming a more confident and effective project manager.

The result is a self-paced eLearning course optimized for efficient preparation to take and pass the PMP certification exam.  

The course also includes:

  • Downloadable PDF file of all of our ‘Secret Sauce’ diagrams
  • Access to our student portal with the interactive ITTO Drag & Drop exercises
  • Deck of suggested flashcards
  • Weekly remote study group sessions where you can ask questions as we review a different topic each week
  • Certificate of completion which documents the 35 hours of project management training required for the PMP

What does the course itself look like?

Each topic module consists of about five short video segments (4 to 8 minutes each) showing slides with voice-over.  That’s Bill’s voice, speaking naturally, as he would in the classroom, as opposed to sounding like possibly clueless ‘voice talent’ reading a script — which is too often what you’ll find in other’s computer-based eLearning courses.

Another thing that make our lectures especially valuable is the unique visual perspective provided in our slides, which provides rich context that facilitates comprehension and retention.  In other’s eLearning courses you may find stock photos of beautiful young people and shiny rotating gears and such… eye candy with no educational value whatsoever.

After the lecture portion, each topic module includes ~ 20 practice questions, which we have written with great care to reinforce important concepts and to be representative of what you might see on the PMP exam itself.  Various tricks and traps you might see on the exam are included and then examined within the detailed explanations that follow each question.  

Knowing vs. parsing

When you miss a practice question it might be because of a gap in understanding of the PMI framework, or it might be a failure to navigate the subtleties of the question successfully.  Part of what we teach you is how to parse the question and the various answer choices to get to the best choice.   Knowing the content is one thing… parsing of answer choices is a whole different skill.  You must master both to do well on the PMP exam.  Our course can equip you, but buying it is not enough: you need to plow through it, and follow the rest of our study guidance as well.  


The good news is that our questions are written in an engaging way so that you won’t feel bored to tears.  We weave-in some story lines, and include a little humor in some of the answer choices to keep you engaged and productive in your studies.  We also make the subject matter feel relevant in the real world, which also helps with motivation and engagement.

You will find student course reviews / testimonials here. 

The weekly remote study group sessions also help with engagement.  We find that the people who show up consistently tend to pass the exam and get it done much sooner.  The weekly cadence of accountability really helps students impose some discipline on themselves.  This is critical.  Since it takes consistent effort over a period of three months to get it done, it all comes down to discipline in the end.

Special Discount for US Military & Veterans

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Live Virtual classes

We do not offer 'Live Virtual Classes'.  They might be at most a teeny tiny bit more compelling than our (much more affordable) self-paced eLearning course, which is already delivered in a natural, spontaneous way and includes a 1-hour-plus weekly live webinar which provides some real 'face time'.  

'Live Virtual Classes' (days-long webinars) are boring as can be.  We thrive on the magic that happens in the classroom course setting -- working eyeball -to- eyeball with our students -- but the 'Live Virtual Classroom' experience just does not create any of this magic.  It is no fun for the instructor, and it is poor value for the student.  So, while 'Live Virtual Classrooms' are a big trend, we decline to participate in this poor value solution approach.