Our Founder & Chief Instructor


Our founder and chief instructor:  Bill Baxter

With a background ranging from engineering in the aerospace defense industry to project management of data center builds and strategic planning within a large financial firm, he is able to bring valuable real-world context to the training material he delivers.

Bill has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University, and an MBA from Columbia University with a concentration in Finance.

Bill cares deeply about the long-term career success of his students, and delivering value toward that end.

For an overview of our training materials see this brief video

For a sample of Bill at the whiteboard, see this lesson on the Point of Total Assumption (PTA).


Agile Project Management

We are fascinated with the promise of 'Agile' and of 'Lean Startup' and continue to experiment with these techniques within client engagements.


Veteran Assistance

We enjoy working with US Military veterans and are actively involved in the Black Diamond Charities (BDC) partnership with the PMI Chicagoland chapter of PMI.

The BDC program helps transitioning veterans relate their military experience to project management in civilian terms, and provides training in project management fundamentals to the veteran students at no cost.  

Involvement in this program has increased our own understanding of the leadership skills that military veterans pick up in the service, and provides a positive feedback loop informing in subtle ways, our own project management training within our PMP Exam Prep course. 

Our involvement includes instruction; mentoring; networking to recruit new veterans as students; promotion through PMI to recruit new instructors and mentors; and project management of the partnership between PMI Chicagoland and BDC.